Bulgaria is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia; labour rates are competitive and people are well educated; the fiscal deficit is low and the national currency is stable; the country is on the right path to economic and political development. All of these are cliches. Bulgarians have used them for 20 years. Some still hold, others do not.

One thing is definitely true – you can do good business in Bulgaria. MMD Partners can guide your managers beyond the headline information and provide analysis that can feed directly into your decision making process.

Here is the value we can add:

  1. If you are in the initial phases of your business development project or are just conducting periodic scan of markets, we can advise you on the feasibility and on the general approach to our market.
  2. We know the market. We can research the potential for your business opportunity and fine tune its critical aspects: market and brand positioning, distribution channels and product portfolio design. We have a great deal of successful projects advancing these types of decisions for clients who already operate on the local or regional market.
  3. Our team of experienced professionals with international business skills can plan and budget the new business or help assess potential acquisition targets.

We are confident that you will quickly find a common language with our team which will increase the speed and quality of your investment decisions. For further information, please contact our colleague Yordan Nedev.


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