We add business value.

We are dedicated to professional business management. Since 2001 we have worked to enhance the business management skills of our clients and to provide an outsider’s point of view on their business. This is how we help them extract the maximum from concrete situations and become more successful and more competitive, in the long run.

We develop our skills and competencies in four practices: strategy, marketing, organization and finance. These are the main management disciplines that allow a business to form its own strategic point of view and to achieve operating efficiency every day.

In addition, we created three two ventures that help us develop and apply our skills in various market contexts. Our goal is to add and increase the value that we deliver to our clients.

Brandingroup creates brands and consults companies on strategic brand management. For many businesses the brand is the main value-creating asset and that is why caring for it the key to profitability. This work requires specific skills and experience that we assembled in partnership with the studio for strategic design studio Enthusiasm in a complete service - Brandingroup.

Market Compass: Bulgarian Lifestyles is the only comprehensive lifestyle analysis of Bulgarian consumers whose aim is to provide an indispensible starting point for making strategic marketing decisions. The study even features a generic consumer segmentation.



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Changes in Demography

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