We’ve conquered 10% of our first century Print
Written by Radostina Manahova   

When we were starting, the world’s encyclopedia was called Britannica and it was paid (and still is). Today, besides Britannica the world enjoys one of the tastiest fruits of co-operative behavior – Wikipedia – world knowledge, collected in one place.

At that time Billa was making its first steps, the market comprised of family shops and open-air bazaars and people were telling us that what we had learned from thick Western books was invalid for Bulgaria. Today, we visit less and less such small shops and more and more we frequent modern trade establishments; and no one doubts  anymore our thick Western books because life has demonstrated that they contain laws that apply everywhere, where there is a market (similar to the law of gravity that applies everywhere where there is gravity).

We worked for businesses that made 80% of their annual turnover in the last 10 days of December. That is why, when a client came whose turnover in the same 10-day period was three times higher than in an ordinary month, we thought it was quite normal.

We advised a manufacturer on how to reach his customers using the new channels of modern trade. A few years later we advised a representative of the modern trade on choosing the manufacturers to work with, by looking through the eyes of his customers. Looking through the eyes of customers is no longer our job, it is our way of life.

We know how many babies have been born in each of the last 15 years – this is a direct indicator for the size of the market for children’s shoes! We can tell the corn bread Tale grain by grain, down to molecular level … membrane, endosperm, nucleus …

We have had a client (CEO) and a brand (that we are building) that celebrate one and the same name day.

A client told us that our logo (at that time) resembled the Aquarius sign and enlightened us about the Aquarius era. And we recognized ourselves as people from that era – an era of free communication and knowledge sharing.

Another client told us: You help me think!

We began at an address on a timeshare basis: from 9 to 5 – office; from five to nine – living quarters. Today we possess several addresses both in the virtual and real spaces.

In every thousandth, millionth and billionth of these 10% of our first century we have followed the market and we’ve been solving, in one form or another, the same logic puzzle – what drives it, what should our clients do to manage their lives within it. And so, we have named ourselves MMD – Masters of Market Dynamics.


We’ve conquered 10% of our first century

When we were starting, the world’s encyclopedia was called Britannica and it was paid (and still is). Today, besides ...


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