In bad weather, pilots fly by instruments. Managers make decisions only by instruments and by intuition. Markets and businesses are so complex that full clarity emerges only when looking backwards. We build a system of indicators that adds value when making decisions. With this information we align the internal resources to the business strategy, we determine the financing needs and we achieve higher operating efficiency.

Every company has an accounting department but every has a true finance function. Accounting records and classifies facts from the past. On this basis, finance must advance managerial decision making. That's why the finance director has four responsibilities:

  • Selecting the useful financial information and ensuring its quality
  • Carrying out robust analysis and presenting in an informative way
  • Planning and financial modelling of projects and of the future of the business
  • Securing the needed the needed resources for the development of the business, especially financing

Our role is to add value to the finance function by bringing the strategic point of view in executing these responsibilities by asking the simple question: what is required by the strategy of the business? Reaching a sensible answer is complex. MMD Partners uses its unique skills - not only in finance but also in general management.


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