Managing people is the greatest managerial challenge. Every business has a unique character that can be a powerful competitive advantage or a restraint on growth. This character is determined largely by the organizational architecture: structural units and their roles, distribution of responsibilities, skills development, communication rules, processes. We create an organizational architecture that is aligned with the strategy.

Our experience shows that managers rarely think of the organization as a strategic factor. In the course of everyday work it is individual team members that draw attention while the organization falls in the background. Often, new people are added under urgency to "fill in" capacity gaps. Our job is to help managers see their organization as a strategic instrument that must be constructed and managed to add more value to the business.

The organizational problems that we typically solve are:

  • The organization must be enhanced to catch up with the development of the business
  • Restructuring of the organization so as to align it to the strategy
  • Constructing the roles of the middle management team and the delegation mechanisms
  • Mapping, analysis and optimization of the business processes
  • Rethinking the role of the central office and increasing its value added to the activities of remote offices

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