Finding the right market positioning becomes more and more important with the strengthening competitors and an increasingly difficult path to clients. Extracting value from the market depends on having a clear purpose: who is our customer, what does he look for and why is our offer the best for him. On this basis we build the brand and determine the guidelines for the communications strategy.

Our clients always face the following question: could we sell more or at the same level, despite competitive pressure? The related issues are - do we need a brand? Why do customers value competitive products more even though they are inferior? How do we fight the distribution chains that obstruct access to the customer?

Finding the answer always starts with analysis of the customers and the market environment, because the objective reality is misleading. The only truth is in the customer's view point, in the choices they see and in the way they make decisions.

Success in the market depends on a well-defined and effectively executed marketing system - clear and thoroughly-studied target customer group, product portfolio that matches its needs and is optimal both from manufacturing and distribution perspectives, and a clear brand that binds our customers to our products.


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