Building strategies is our foundational skill. We undertake such projects with companies that are or want to be market leaders. The work in each project is unique and reflects the specific challenges of our client's business. We do not have set modules because every situation is unique and we have to fit our process to it, rather than push it through a ready but rigid framework that could make our job easier.

We look for answers to the following questions - which is best path to fast a profitable growth? Do we need a new market offering or we just need to be more efficient? Grow organically or through acquisitions?

And we structure our approach to match the specific situation of the client by taking into account factors such as:

  • Business size, manufacturing assets, market focus
  • Competitive position
  • Geographic coverage of the market
  • Ambition and goals
  • Resource availability

Usually, the result we seek is increased revenues, profitability and and value of the company. The critical element of this decision is the competitive advantage. Achieving it depends on taking clear decisions on how and why we choose to build success and why this will be difficult for our competitors to imitate. We work closely and very interactively with our clients so as to build winning strategies and supporting business models.


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