Brand Management

There is a handful of definitions of what brand is and respectively various methods for its management. The definition that we rely on and shapes our attitude toward brands is: "the brand is the mixture of experiences in consumers' minds." The brand is not just a symbol, reserved sign or font. It differs from the product or service and lives solely in consumers' minds. The brand is built and managed not just by effective communication or attractive logo. The brand is built on the complete experience that it offers.

We help our clients to establish the system that describes the brand with all its elements and access points to the customers. The system gives the machanism for developing and managing the brand in the direction of always leaving the customer with a consistent impression on every single touch with the brand and this impression to comply with the expectations created and promises given by the brand.

The questions we answer:

  • Why do I need brand/brands?
  • How to build one?
  • How many brands do I have to create?
  • How to manage them?
  • How to communicate them?

What does the client get?

  • Systematic analysis of the market situation
  • Opportunity to supply a consistent service to the customer at all points of contact with the brand
  • Arguments for decision making in cases of changing the product portfolio
  • Communication consistency
  • Value added to the product
  • Increased number of loyal customers



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